We Create from waste.

We recycle and reuse waste to leave our children a better planet.

To do this, we use insects to transform organic waste into ingredients for organic agriculture and animal feed.

Local production, Zero Waste.


We help agroindustry companies reach Zero Waste while producing insect protein for animal feed and organic fertilizer.

Without leaving the user's premises, we transform food waste into byproducts that can be consumed by the user himself or that can be used as ingredients in new high value products.

We transform a cost into a source of income.

Every tonne of food waste processed by Circular Crop reduces 1 tn approx. of CO2 equiv. compared to the emissions generated composting and 5 tn compared to landfilling.

Our process almost eliminates methane emissions (97,8% reduction compared to composting)  while reducing CO2 emission at the same time.

We are targeting negative carbon footprint in all our processes, so we can pass this reduction into our customers value chain.

Take a look at how we do it.




This is what we do best.

We know how our customers value their time. We take care of everything.


We take care of all the procedures and licenses, so you do not have to do it


We design all our custom installations from 4000 kg to tens of tonnes of organic waste per day.


We don't add up to the users workload, we take care of everything.

These are our tools.

Hermetia Illucens. Eisenia Andrei

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